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Miter Saw Handbook

This 100 page book has everything you need to get started mastering your Miter Saw! Learn some tips and tricks to get better cuts and find practical projects to make your miter saw work harder.

  • Get to Know your Saw... Understanding the in and outs of your miter saw is the first step to getting the most out of this tool
  • Miter Saw Tune-Up... With a few simple adjustments, you can make your miter saw more accurate than you ever dreamed of.
  • Tips & Simple Jigs... A few simple jigs and some know-how will go a long way in increasing your proficiency with a miter saw.
  • Mastering the Slide... A sliding miter saw has a greater capacity than a non-slider, and it allows you to cut extra-wide workpieces in one pass.

Miter Saw Handbook

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