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Home, Garage & Shop Storage Solutions

To some, the concept of storage means simply cramming as much into as small a space as possible, using every inch of space. The result is an overwhelming feeling of drowning in stuff. For woodworkers and DIYers, storage is strongly linked with organization … and mixed with beauty. We should be able to find the item we're looking for and it should be in a place that looks good, too.

The projects in this book tackle all three of those needs. And they do it in such a way as to allow you to create custom solutions for nearly every room of your home. Sure, you'll find some projects dedicated to basic storage needs for your garage, basement, or attic. But even these are meant to look clean and neat as well.

Like all of the project plans we offer, you get complete drawings and guides to confidently build them with ease. They're also ready to be modified to suit your space and style. It's time to get started building and organizing your home.

Home, Garage & Shop Storage Solutions

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