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Masterclass: Joinery Techniques

From basic to advanced to the fascinating, this woodworking book covers the many ways we use to join wood and build assemblies. With this information you'll be able to hone your woodworking skills and improve your joinery techniques to complete any project with ease.

In the Back to Basics section, we cover some of the simpler joints to help beginners get their feet under them and to assist experts in mastering their craft.

In the pages dedicated to the advanced, you’ll find some techniques and jigs that explore some interesting aspects of joinery. The joints you’ll find here will offer any project solid construction along with a unique aesthetic.

Wood-on-wood joinery is well and good, but the modern woodworker has plenty more tools at their disposal. In Fascinating Fasteners, you’ll find our favorite fasteners, from woodscrews and dowels to biscuits and dominoes.

Masterclass: Joinery Techniques

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