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Extension Wing Router Table

…edge when routing the opening for the insert. (For more on MDF, see page 35.) router. (My router table is 18" deep.) LAMINATE TOP . With the size of the table determined, I … of MDF) #/4" { We made good use of every square inch of this router fence. There’s even a router bit storage tray that slides inside the fence. Plans for the fence begin …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 103
February 1996
Router Table Tips

…roundover, the second pass can leave an unwanted shoulder. Woodsmith 29 TALL ROUTER FENCE Usually, the height of a router fence isn’t a concern. After all, most times a tall piece can…clamps. This way, my hands are never close to the bit. ROUTER PUSH BLOCK When using a router table without a miter gauge slot, a push block is essential. It keeps…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 110
April 1997
Router Table

…. > Leg Levelers - Easily adjustable, heavy-duty levelers make this router table rock solid. { The portable upper section of the router table lifts straight off the stand. It can be placed … lot of thought into the design of this part of the router table. FLAT TOP. First and foremost, the top of a router table needs to be flat and smooth — and stay…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 131
October 2000
Top 10 Router Set-up Tips

…will help you speed up your setups — without adding to your scrap bin. Router Fence Micro-Adjuster Fine-tuning a router fence can be a hassle. It’s hard to see how much you’re…find the right depth quickly.) With the gauge complete, setting the depth of a router bit is simple. Place the router base on the gauge, as shown in Fig. 1. Then lower the …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 144
December 2002
Router Guide Bushings

… as in the photo at left. This style of bushing is used in many routers. But if your router doesn’t accept these bushings, you may be able to get an adapter. …the quality of the cut. You’ll want to Lock nut secures bushing to baseplate a. Router baseplate Template Workpiece Bushing follows template edge Waste Bit Trim bushing to less than …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 158
April 2005
Auxiliary Router Baseplates

…& fixtures Shop-Built Router Baseplates Sometimes all it takes to get more out of your router is to simply upgrade the baseplates. When you think about it, a router is a pretty simple … work fine. But for big jobs, I like to use a router and flush trim bit. The challenge is supporting the router on the narrow edge and preventing it from tipping and…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 159
June 2005
Bargain Router Bits

… you buy Bargain Router Bits? Sure, these bits make some tradeoffs, but are inexpensive router bit sets worth the money? Thirty-six router bits for $50 — how can…out and can burn the workpiece Contractor-Grade Bits Falling somewhere between industrialquality router bits and the bargain bits talked about above are “contractor-grade” bits. These…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 160
August 2005
Easy Router Table Upgrades

…T-track Notch for bit clearance T-track groove Rabbet for sawdust relief A router table can improve the capability of your router. But for your table to become a precision tool, you’… prevents sawdust buildup see at left, is a handy accessory to add to your router table fence. It allows you to make repetitive cuts quickly and accurately. The …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 166
August 2006
Router Bit Revival

… can give the remaining bits a good Woodsmith Rough, uneven cut with router burn { This old, worn router bit makes a rough cut and burns the workpiece. AFTER Smooth, clean…remove the bearing before starting the cleaning process (photo opposite page). Even though router bearings are “sealed,” the resin cleaner could get inside the bearing and …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 167
October 2006
Incra Router Table Jig

…The interlocking plates on the Incra Jig allow precise positioning of your router table fence. If you’re a router table enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of the Incra Jig. … simplified, no-frills version of the money. And this is what makes Incra router table jig (sold as the accurate joinery possible. Incra Universal Precision Positioning Jig).…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 171
June 2007
Selecting a Router for your Table

router. Fortunately, manufacturers have addressed this need by introducing several routers aimed specifically for use in a router table. DEFINING YOUR REQUIREMENTS. Choosing the right router starts by focusing on how you’ll use your routerRead More

Woodsmith Issue 172
August 2007
Why You Need a Palm Router

…but you’ll need to install a guide bushing in the baseplate of your router. The Trend router kit includes one guide bushing. For the Bosch Colt, you can purchase … knives. But on larger pieces, I don’t hesitate to use the T4 palm router. < Trend’s plunge router packs a lot of versatility into a small package. { Inexpensive carving burrs can turn …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 177
June 2008
Tenons on the Router Table

… on the guide shown above, visit our website at Woodsmith.com. Tenons on the Router Table When you need tenons with crisp, straight shoulders and perfectly clean cheeks, take…can’t be matched by any other method. WHEN AND WHY. Unlike a saw blade, a sharp router bit can create perfectly smooth tenon cheeks and shoulders. So whenever the joinery will…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 180
December 2008
Insert Router Bits

… an innovative solution to an old problem. } Amana’s In-Tech line of router bits includes nine common profiles. V-groove 1 ⁄2"-dia. core box 1 ⁄2"-dia. straight 1 There …’t get some treatment from a router. Whether it’s adding an edge profile or cutting a mortise, the router is a go-to tool. The problem is router bits have a limited lifespan…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 181
February 2009
Router Templates

…familiar with the idea of template routing from using a dovetail jig. In this application, a router equipped with a guide bushing follows the fingers of a dovetail template to cut perfectly spaced…edge of the workpiece to match. This same combination works in a router table as well. Only at the router table, you can have the template on top of the …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 182
April 2009
Avoiding Router Table Tearout

… fence provides extra support for the workpiece. } 5 Backrouting The only problem with backrouting on a router table is the tendency for the bit to grab the workpiece and pull it… with the direction that the workpiece is fed into the router bit. When routing in the “normal” direction on a router table (from right to left), the cutting edges of the…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 184
August 2009
Router Table Dust Collection

… FENCE-MOUNTED DUST PORT A simple dust collection port attached to the fence of your router table is the first place to start corralling chips and dust. It’s the …to stick to the tabletop.) The vent also helps prevent your router’s motor from overheating. A hole for your router’s power cord is sealed by a rubber grommet. A sturdy front door secures…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 187
February 2010
Router Planing

… they can be positioned according to width of workpiece 1!/2 Stop (#/4" x #/4"- 8!/2") 16 1!/2" 24 Router base panel Router base rail !/2" miter { The shearing cut and large diameter of this …jig work together in the main photo on the opposite page. ROUTER BITS. This technique depends on a router bit with a flat bottom. That means you can use …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 189
June 2010
Compact Routers

…ironic that the latest thing in routers has taken the opposite course. From laminate trimmer to trim router to palm router, the popularity of small-bodied routers has soared with …. As a result, several major tool manufacturers have developed new, small routers. The new multi-base router kits jointly developed by Porter-Cable and DeWalt continue the…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 194
April 2011
Router Table Secrets

…or other large, circular pieces. Making round workpieces on the router table works similarly, only here the router and bit are stationary while the workpiece rotates. A SIMPLE JIG.… workpiece into bit Start mark Stop mark Clamp fence to router table top Opening in fence for router bit THIRD: Rotate blank quarter turn and repeat NOTE: Leave …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 197
October 2011