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Curved-Leg End Table

legs and the decorative, circular inlay in the round top. But if you take a closer look at these details, you’ll discover that there’s more here than meets the eye. Laminated Legs. For example, each of the legs looks like it’s cut from a single piece of wood. But they…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 168
December 2006
Bent Lamination

…you need. Bent lamination uses lots of glue. It's hard to predict just how much you'll need, but it is usually more than you expect. The legs for the Fern Stand…greater the pressure. So I leave the chimps on overnight. When laminating a piece with more gradual curves, such as the Fern Stand legs, there is less pressure to spring back. In this case…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 72
December 1990
Glued-Up Legs

…right). This adds a lot of options to basic leg design, such as when you’re making a double-sided taper. Though face-to-face laminated blanks are by far the easiest to …. Cover Up. Veneer can make the transition between the individual pieces of a glued-up leg blank appear completely seamless. 58 • Woodsmith / No. 245 then one simple option is to …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 245
October 2019
Fern Stand

legs — especially legs with a bend on both ends — would require a complicated jig and maybe a special technique that involves steaming the wood. Actually the bent legs on this stand are bent laminationRead More

Woodsmith Issue 72
December 1990
Curved-Stretcher Accent Table

… start with thin strips and use a clamping jig. www.Woodsmith.com Woodsmith 23 a. b. laminating curved STRETCHERS Making the hour-glass-shaped stretchers is the most challenging part … very traditional. I used mortise and tenon joints to connect the stretchers to the legs and a half-lap joint where the stretchers cross in the middle. What makes…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 161
October 2005
Hall Tree

…. 72 S-HOOKS Just like the legs, the four S-hooks are made with -W-thick strips, but they're only W-wide. It takes five strips laminated together to form each of the…. 72 Woodsmith 13 POST Once the legs and S-hooks are completed, work can begin on the lVV'-thickpost. To make the post, I laminated two pieces of W-thick stock together instead …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 72
December 1990
Lamp Table

… drawers or applied molding. And to give the legs a light, graceful appearance, their inside faces are slightly …legs (A), I started with % stock and ripped four blanks 1VS" square and 25W long, see Fig. 1. If you can't get a hold of % stock, you can laminate… locations on the inside faces of each leg, see Fig. 1 and the Leg detail on page 19. The …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 101
October 1995
Cutting Board

… the boards together to prevent the ends from splitting. Like my workbench, this cutting board's laminated, maple top provides a solid working surface. And they're both built solid to keep them…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 102
December 1995
Shop Notes

… this sequence, all the dentil blocks can be cut. 1 2 3 a. a. MORTISING PRE-MADE CABRIOLE LEGS One option that makes the jewelry cabinet and the coffee table easier to…It gives them a better grip on the leg. 1 2 MATCHING GRAIN 1 To make the cove molding for the plate shelf on page 32, I laminated two 3/4"thick pieces together. But I wanted…Read More

Woodsmith Issue 106
August 1996
Corner Computer Desk

… by a leg. To attach that leg to the top, I built a triangular-shaped corner block (G), see drawing. This block is made by laminating two pieces …leg levelers black to match the laminate.) 11 Woodsmith CORNER LEG The end panels alone are not enough to support the top. To support the back of the desk, I added a V-shaped corner leg (S). This legRead More

Woodsmith Issue 109
February 1997
Tips & Techniques

…now a cinch to reattach the clamp. Perry Polowchak Palmyra, New York { Plastic trim molding keeps laminate from sliding under the rip fence. 1 2 a. Template Routing Spacer Template routing is a good way … saw. The only trouble is that it can be easy to tip over. The legs can fold up and collapse if a workpiece coming off the saw sags a bit and …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 149
October 2003
Shop Notebook

…base sized to match the width of the planer’s bed. An optional layer of plastic laminate allows the workpiece to slide smoothly through the planer. The base is cut extra-…final thickness. 30 a. Woodsmith No. 161 Full-Length Taper Jig for Legs The accent table on page 22 has tapered legs. With eight tapers to cut, I decided to build a jig to …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 161
October 2005
Compact Desk

laminate.” laminate This thin laminate (top) doesn’t have a color layer, but it still “seals” the panel just as well. Woodsmith Backing laminate is used to “balance” panels to prevent warping 25 a. b. c. d. making the TOP & LEGSRead More

Woodsmith Issue 164
April 2006
Tips & Techniques

…the bench while they dry is a challenge. So I built a jig (photo below) that will hold legs or spindles of any length. It’s just two, L-shaped brackets with evenly spaced holes … All tiers made from two layers of 17" x 17"#/4" plywood I make a lot of segmented and laminated bowls. I was using clamps to glue up the blanks, but I never seemed to be …Read More

Woodsmith Issue 181
February 2009